A suite of analytics and work management tools.

WorkForce Optimization



WFO is a set of additional tools for comprehensive optimization of Contact Center and Back Office. It includes modules for work analysis, process flow and task planning to make the most effective use of available resources, and ensure the highest quality indicators in Customer Service.


1. SPEECH ANALYTICS (SA) - Automatic conversation analysis

Speech Analytics module automatically processes calls and analyzes their content. The system not only assigns individual recordings to specific categories, but also allows to examine the context in which specific phraseological compounds appear in conversations, detects emotions, registers the length of silence, marks moments of simultaneous speaking of interlocutors, etc.

The analysis of conversations may concern recorded calls (standard SA), it may operate in the real time mode (Real Time SA) or it may operate in the text channel (Text Analytics).

Speech Analytics enables, among other things:

  • "listening" to all customers and catching information that appears even outside the main thread of the conversation (so it will probably not be marked and reported in other systems)
  • control of compliance of all conversations with business process guidelines (e.g. legally required clauses or behavioural suggestions)
  • immediate reaction to clients' opinions in relation to own or competitors' actions (promotions, new products, offer changes etc.)


  • minimizes Supervisors' time spent on "manual" listening to recordings
  • allows to analyze data based on all contacts and not only on random sample
  • data for analysis available immediately after processing recordings downloaded from the recorder
  • the system itself analyzes quantitative trends, indicating an increase or decrease in  the interest in a given topic over time
  • the data are presented in a synthetic form with the possibility of going into further levels of detail down to individual recordings


2. DESKTOP & PROCESS ANALYTICS (DPA) - Process Flow Analysis

DPA module registers events on employees' workstations taking into account the context of applications and customer data records. Thanks to this, it is possible to fully analyse the course of service process in the whole organisation, spread over many workstations and various business systems.

The system allows, among others, to:

  • monitor events initiated by employees while working in business applications (possibility to define reactions to these events)
  • automatically analyse of the entered data and execution of actions based on the results of the analysis 
  • combine subsequent steps of the service process performed by employees on many positions



  • reduces financial risks associated with deviations from defined business processes
  • increases effectiveness by promoting the most effective behaviours
  • shortens the total service time through automation of repetitive process steps
  • reduces time to implement new functionalities in business systems
  • decreases costs of optimization of processes and applications used in an organization


3. WORKFORCE MANAGEMENT (WFM) - Time management

The WFM module is designed for advanced time management in an organization, taking into account individual competencies and the life situation of employees:


  • planning work schedules based on historical data and anticipated events
  • ongoing monitoring of assigned resources and verification with the actual load
  • accommodating employee preferences
  • portal for employees with shift exchange and handling shift changes
  • the system guarantees constant quality of customer service (SLA) with the resources available to the organization.



QM module supports service quality and employee competence management.  In the automatic mode (Automatic QM), the system can perform an evaluation of work on the basis of all employee contacts, and not just randomly selected from a pool.  Automatic analysis additionally relieves Supervisors from the tedious process of listening to recordings and filling in evaluation forms.


  • self-defined evaluation forms with reference to source data
  • assignment of electronic training, coaching sessions, verification of tests
  • analysis of changes in the employee's competence level over time
  • possibility of fully automatic analysis of employees' behaviors
  • the system ensures continuous monitoring and improvement of the staff, which guarantees the highest quality indicators in the organization's operational activity.




Process automation
Voice and screen recording
Quality management
Employee management
Speech and data analysis
Customer survey
Performance management
E-learning and coaching

Benefits of the service

increase in the quality of customer service and business management information
operating costs reduction
reducing time to react to market changes
increased customer and employee satisfaction

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