Wireless systems

Choose our offer of wireless systems which allow us to provide our clients with services in the following areas: Internet access, data transmission, voice communication or video monitoring. Based on various modern technological solutions we are able to complete even the most demanding turnkey projects for telecommunications companies, government institutions, local governments, and business customers.

Wireless systems



If you want to expand your network, broaden its reach, provide modern services, and at the same time become independent from traditional cable connections, consider using efficient wireless technologies.

Professional Wi-Fi solutions, based on the latest generations of the 802.11 standard, allow efficient communication with consumer devices: smartphones, tablets and laptops, both indoors and outdoors. Streaming video signals, secure indoor network, high-speed Internet access, voice communication, IOT are just some of the many applications of this technology.

Radiolinks are most often used for broadband data transmission between two distant points. Speed, flexibility of deployment, affordable investment costs and low failure rate make these solutions an important alternative to fiber optic technology, or as a complement to it in areas where laying a cable is not business efficient, lengthy or physically impossible. Often they are also used as backup links to minimize the effects of interruption of basic connectivity.

In the case when it is necessary to connect a large area to many objects, wireless Access Systems are widely used. They can be used e.g. for

  • transmission from video surveillance cameras,
  • connection of distant branches of an enterprise,
  • Internet access for private or business customers,
  • powering public Wi-Fi hotspots with a signal.

Safe communication in crisis situations is ensured by professional DMR and TETRA Dispatching Systems. These technologies enable both digital transmission of voice signals and data transmission to mobile users operating within key enterprises and state institutions.





needs analysis
choice of solution
radio planning
post-warranty service
maintenance services

Benefits of the service

Improving communication.
No traditional cable connections.
Safe communication, especially in crisis situations.

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