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We offer our customers an integrated set of products that ensures employees can communicate inside and outside their organization, regardless of the device they choose.

Unified Communications



For many years we have been helping our customers to meet their needs for communication within their organization, and with their customers.

Nowadays, communication is not only about contact via traditional phone or IP phone, but the technology has grown to integrate various communication services in real time such as: phone, app, chat, video, sms, email, social media, data and document sharing, availability status verification. The development of this type of communication, commonly referred to as Unified Communications (UC), is fostered by increasing bandwidth, device mobility, and the use of cloud computing.



Unified Communications is an integrated set of tools that ensures employees from anywhere (office, home, car, plane, train, etc.) can communicate regardless of the device they are using. Depending on the choice and our convenience it can be a traditional landline or cell phone, but also a smartphone, laptop, tablet with the appropriate application, or even just a browser on your computer.

An important feature of the UC solutions is that all the tools used by the employee have the same user-friendly interface, which the employee knows and can operate.

Unified Communications allows switching from one mode of communication to another within the same session, without losing the connection. A user can start a voice communication on a desk phone and then switch to a mobile application on a smartphone, and additionally extend the connection to a video chat with document sharing for other participants.



An important element of UC is that the channels used for communication are not separated from each other, and the user uses them within the same system and environment. In order to ensure secure communication between the telephone infrastructure in the company and the environment that is currently used by the employee, we use Session Border Controler (SBC) solutions. The use of SBC provides a unified communication structure and a common numbering plan.



IP telephony
social media
communication security

Benefits of the service

increase in work efficiency
reduction of operating costs
multiple communication channels
quick contact with customers
freedom of place of work

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