Voice Bot

The SprintBot platform allows you to create Virtual Agents to handle calls in the voice and text channel. Our bot understands the natural language of the caller, allows for the definition of both classic and neural network driven dialogues, and is independent of the Contact Center platform.

Voice BOT


SprintBot is a multi-channel Virtual Agent platform supporting the automation of service processes in a modern Contact Center.  Our bot can accept all voice traffic and redirect the call to
a dedicated service group, according to the need expressed by the customer.  It can also handle automated or semi-automated business processes on its own. The SprintBot platform allows you to run the service in various contact channels (e.g. voice, chat, SMS, etc.) using common dialogue scripts, which radically saves implementation time.  At the same time, an unquestionable advantage of our Bot is its independence from the technical platform - in the future, the Bot might operate in a completely different environment than it was initially launched, which allows for a free change of architecture and/or CC platform provider during the project's life. It's hard to imagine a better investment protection guarantee here - SprintBot ensures quick deployment, use of common dialog scripts, and no outlays in the event of a platform change.

SprintBot provides full control over the dialogue with the customer, including the ability to define alternative personality profiles for the bot (e.g. "formal" or "laid-back" style) or randomized responses (each bot statement can have multiple variants from which one is randomly selected).  Our bot can use practically any (modern) speech synthesizer (TTS) and gives a choice of
a speech recognition engine (ASR), thanks to which the public "bot reception" can be adjusted and managed according to the guidelines of e.g. Marketing and Public Relations departments.  What is more, modifications of existing dialogue scripts and creation of new scripts or entire functional bots can be fully realized at the level of business users (Bot-Masters), without the need to involve IT team or development resources.  This gives virtually unlimited flexibility and freedom to create not only the dialogues themselves, which is extremely important in the world of dynamically changing business needs, but also the possibility to build a public "image" of the bot depending on fashion and communication trends. 

It should be clearly emphasized here that together with the SprintBot platform the Customer gets all the tools necessary for editing Bots as well as the knowledge (in the form of training and documentation) how to take over the platform for completely independent operation and development!



  • confirming data in the business process
  • receipt of personal/address data
  • user authentication
  • interpreting the topic of the conversation in the routing process
  • appointment reminders
  • surveys and satisfaction studies





uses natural language
handles incoming and outgoing traffic
works continuously 24/7/365
ensures uniform level of service
shortens the time of waiting for the call
shortens the time of handling by an agent
increases security of identification and authorization procedures
ensures compliance with formal and legal service process

Benefits of the service

increase in efficiency of your Contact Center
increased quality of customer service
reduction of operating costs
reduction of staff turnover

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