Facility security information management systems

Modern building facilities are equipped with a number of security and automation systems. The installed systems allow for safer and more convenient use of these facilities.




Modern building facilities are equipped with a number of security and automation systems. The installed systems allow for safer and more convenient use of these facilities. The benefits of the installed systems are available if the systems are maintained in good working order and qualified personnel are provided for each system.


The use of the VIZAN SMS system allows you to get what is most important, that is information about the status of individual systems, and thus the status of the protected facility. The system also allows for quick response to events, which translates into safety and savings in the maintenance of buildings and systems themselves.


VIZAN SMS integrates systems installed in the facility increasing safety and functionality. Presentation of data from individual systems allows the operator to clearly and unambiguously determine the status of the object, and accelerates the response in emergency situations.


 In the daily operation of the VIZAN SMS system, the following scopes of system operation can be distinguished:

  • recording of events
  • visualization of the system elements status
  • event handling
  • remote control
  • implementation of scenarios

The types of events selected at the installation stage from individual systems are recorded in the VIZAN SMS database. Depending on the type of event, the information can be additionally displayed as a message in the system user window. In order to facilitate the handling of events by operators, there is a possibility to display a procedure instruction assigned to a given message type. When handling certain events the user may be required to make a note. The way of handling particular types of events is defined in the administration panel. From the position of the web browser, it is possible to remotely control the elements of the systems that allow such a reaction. Depending on the systems used in the object and the requirements set before the integration system, it is possible to implement control scenarios.


Configurable, clear, communicative - these adjectives can describe the interface of VIZAN SMS system. To increase the ergonomics of working with the application there is a switchable night mode. VIZAN SMS allows you to configure elements of the interface and gradation of rights for individual users.

There are three basic user roles (groups) defined in the system:

  • installer - system installation, configuration of interfaces for integrated systems,
  • administrator - configuration of the scope of access for operators, developing instructions for operators assigned to specific messages, reviewing the register of events and operators' entries for particular events, preparing reports,
  • operator - ongoing operation of the system, following the displayed instructions, completing the entries required by the administrator.



VIZAN SMS is a system that allows to integrate systems installed not only in one building, but also in many objects located in different places around the world. Implemented geolocation allows to assign objects and even individual elements of the systems exact location. The objects imported by VIZAN SMS can be in the form of vector or bitmap graphics. The status of individual system elements is presented by means of variable icons and messages. Selecting an icon allows you to display additional options about the state of the element, control options, and the last few states from the event log.







The application can present the status of systems installed in a single building, or multiple buildings, facilities. The menu is divided into two parts. One part presents the location as a tree, and the structure (levels) of individual buildings. The second part is prepared is the selection of layers that are to be displayed. At the installation stage, you can prepare auxiliary (static) layers with the location of e.g. hydrants, fire extinguishers, escape routes, staircases, etc. Independent (dynamic) layers are created for individual integrated systems.



Fire extinguishers
Evacuation routes
Room descriptions
Fire-fighting system
SSWIN system
KD system
CCTV system

Benefits of the service

Supporting all systems with one common software.
System operation independent of building location.
Minimized maintenance
Minimized maintenance (one operator can handle all systems at multiple locations).
Current information
Current system status information for the maintenance service.
Global System Administration.

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