Public Safety Management System - DART

The foundation for a safe city




The DART system is a tool for recording and monitoring events and public events, coordinating the activities of city services (City Guard, Police, Fire Brigade, and others), and positioning vehicles on the digital map of the city, using the GPS system. The system operates in an online mode.

The main idea behind the DART system was to help city and emergency services in their daily work. Specific problems faced by these services required unique technical solutions and integration with the existing infrastructure (telephone exchanges, alarm systems, telecommunication subsystems). 


The DART system operates on the basis of the Linux operating system, PHP, Perl, Javascript scripting languages, C++, QT, ActionScript compiled languages, and the MySQL database. The use of these tools makes DART inexpensive, easy to install and expand in the future.
The modular structure makes it flexible and easy to adapt to the changing needs of local users. The system was developed using modern technologies. Its operation is supported by VoIP Internet telephony and videoconferencing, which additionally contributes to reducing the costs of emergency and municipal services.  


The DART system has been in use since 2004. During these few years, the services have moved away from traditional paper logbooks and documentation. The use of a modern, fast and efficient on-line system significantly speeds up interdepartmental communication and access to archival information. Statistics provided by the system enable better management of resources, equipment, and employees of individual services. The vehicle positioning function allows a faster response to incidents and accidents by sending the appropriate city patrols to the scene.
A special feature - Attention List - allows you to enter suggestions and comments on the operation of the system, express current needs and facilitate a rapid response.


The DART system can be installed in any city in Poland, regardless its size. It currently operates in: Olsztyn, Ostroda, Biskupiec, Lublin, Gdańsk, Białystok, Gdynia, Kielce, Poznań, Kwidzyn, Elbląg, Łódź, Elk and Chorzów.

The system has an impact not only on the employees of municipal services who use it every day, but also on the quality of life of residents of Olsztyn and other cities where it operates. Thanks to the system residents can feel safer and count on the quick response of municipal services.


We invite you to reference visits to towns where the system has been implemented, to learn about its operation and functional modules. Such a meeting is the best opportunity to learn about the system while working in the environment of law enforcement and rescue services.



Emergency Management Center
City Duty Officer
City Guard
National Fire Service
Monitoring Center
Ambulance Service
Department of Emergency Management and Civil Protection
Department of Civil Affairs UM
Municipal Roads, Bridges and Greenery Management

Benefits of the service

Reduction of call handling time
Reduction of service costs
Full data archiving
Quick access to information about events
Possibility of monitoring call handling time
Possibility of monitoring the exact location of employees in the field

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