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A parking space detection system created by our experienced engineers





The main function of the system is to process images from video cameras into information on the occupancy of the designated parking spaces. In addition, the system is capable of acquiring information on space occupancy from other sources, making it possible to integrate facilities with different characteristics and equipment, such as facilities equipped with individual sensors or entrance gates. Database structure includes information on parking zones, parking equipment, geographic layout of parking spaces, etc.


The system for counting unoccupied/occupied parking spaces can operate as a solution dedicated to a specific customer, or as a cloud-based service. Due to modular design, visualization and report generation in dedicated software is possible or parking space occupancy information from multiple parking lots can be transmitted to other systems (e.g. GEO server, VMS, etc.).


Due to optimal design, the system can be quickly implemented at the customers’. The implementation process starts with the installation and configuration of video cameras and parking space configuration. The next step is the installation of the server (virtual machine) with software and image processing machine. This process ends with launching a dedicated application or uploading data to a selected system.

The system is designed as a solution which does not require transferring large amounts of information (e.g. video stream). The proposed solution performs occupancy detection on the basis of image recognition using neural network algorithms with multi-layer structure.


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integrates with existing data communications infrastructure
can utilize existing CCTV systems

Benefits of the service

For users
Current update of information about availability / occupancy of monitored parking lots
For manager
Access to statistics showing average occupancy: daily, hourly; occupancy of individual parking spaces, average parking times

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