ServiceDesk - supporting ITS systems

The software can handle Contracts containing various combinations of requirements and backs up the Support Team’s work.




The purpose of the ServiceDesk system is to support, manage, and supervise handling processes related to:

  • ongoing maintenance
  • service repairs
  • periodical inspections
  • verification of instruments

related to ITS systems, traffic lights, traffic surveillance, etc.

The software may be used by road managers, infrastructure managers and other institutions, responsible for efficient and trouble-free functioning of systems and infrastructure under warranty, after warranty, and under separate maintenance agreements executed by external entities.
The system makes it possible to provide a single point of contact for recipients of services with the HelpDesk Team (First Line Support) or an external company. The scope of configuration and flexibility of the ServiceDesk enable implementation based on the best practice system of the ITIL base, and handling IT services at the highest quality level.



  • designing (configuration) of the process of handling Requests (Incidents, Problems, Changes, Services), authorizations for particular groups and individual users,
  • defining SLA (Service Level Agreement) levels for individual stages of service delivery together with notification of responsible persons and escalation of deviations to a higher management level,
  • exchange of comments from the task (ticket) level with the notifier (e.g. an external customer) as well as notification of escalation by the notifier. The Submitter also has the ability to monitor the performance of submitted tasks (Incidents, Problems, Changes, Services),
  • registration of Requests (Incidents) is also possible automatically through available API (from other systems, e.g. infrastructure monitoring systems).



ServiceDesk enables comprehensive servicing through:


generating a new ticket
viewing ticket details
viewing ticket list
verifying client's requests
archiving requests
editing tickets

Benefits of the service

The highest quality of handling IT services.
Possible integration with functioning systems, e.g. ITS.
A browser-based version for smartphones, designed for maintenance services.

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