Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

ITS systems integrate technologies, devices, and activities that improve the functioning of transportation in terms of communication, prevention, traffic control and management, detection of events, traffic supervision, and recording of traffic violations.

Intelligent Transportation Systems



Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) represents a new, however already thriving market segment in which Sprint successfully operates.
The systems combine many elements aimed at improving broadly understood transport and making it more efficient with regard to safety, efficiency, communication, prevention, traffic control and management, event detection, supervision, elimination of traffic violations, etc.

The diverse and open nature of the technologies offered by Sprint allow full integration with existing customers’ systems , making it possible to optimize comprehensive implementation costs.


The experience we already have and our cooperation with leading international product and system providers allow us to design and build comprehensive ITS Systems, including for instance:

Traffic Management Centers
Integrated traffic management systems
Traffic control systems
Public transport management systems
CCTV and ANPR video surveillance systems
Speed and red light monitoring systems
Variable Message Signs
Weigh in Motion systems
Vehicle height measuring systems
Parking information systems

Benefits of the service

Optimization of road fleet management costs
Reducing travel time by public transport
Increased road safety and traffic flow
Reduction of CO2 emissions
improving travel comfort and traffic conditions for drivers and pedestrians

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