Sprint Data Center

The Sprint Data Center is one the most advanced centers in Poland for data storage and processing, created in response to the growing demands of the market related to information availability and security.


Today’s business world is based on access to information. Quality, certainty and speed of data exchange and processing have become some of the key elements allowing businesses to develop and compete. The security of data storage and exchange systems has become one of the priorities in management. Loss of data or unauthorized access to data may lead to large financial losses and to the business losing customers’ trust and market position.
The key to ensure secure, quick and continual system operation is to select suitable technical infrastructure (apart from computers this also includes accessories, power supply systems, air-conditioning systems and firefighting systems). Ensuring professional care and protection requires significant financial expenses and actions which for many companies appear too extensive or too distant from their business profile.
This problem can be solved by using the comprehensive offering provided by a professional Data Center, such as the Sprint Data Center.

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Sprint Data Center
Sprint Data Center