Radar traffic sensors

Radar sensors are modern and intelligent systems used in traffic. With traffic safety in mind, the sensors detect road incidents and inappropriate behavior of traffic participants, amongst other things.

Road safety in your city


As mobility evolves, detection, speed measurement, and classifying vehicles and other vulnerable traffic participants require increased accuracy as well as the latest technologies. 

smartmicro radar sensors are modern and intelligent systems used in traffic. 

Key functional features:

- Detection of up to 256 vehicles simultaneously, 

- Range of up to 300m, 

- Speed measurement with high accuracy, within a wide range (up to 320 km/h),  

- Proper operation in all weather conditions, 

- Detection capability on multiple lanes simultaneously, 

- Suitable for use as vehicle detection at intersections.


With proper technology, and using radar sensors, we can measure the speed, length, width, and even the height of a vehicle, detect and classify traffic participants (vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists, etc.), as well as to detect unusual events such as, among others, driving against traffic, stopping a vehicle, and the presence of a pedestrian in a prohibited area. 

Graphics source: https://www.roadtraffic-technology.com/ 



High-resolution radar sensor technology tackles the previously mentioned challenges, allowing them to be met by a single device such as a radar sensor, with great accuracy. AI algorithms in deep neural networks enable the achievement of a high-level classification efficiency.



Radar sensors provided by Sprint, can be used on interstitial sections of highways, expressways, and secondary roads in traffic data acquisition systems, traffic event detection systems, and at intersections for, among others, traffic signal control. 

The sensors can be successfully applied at intersections as a detection element with configurable multiple zones.

These sensors perfectly fulfill the functions required for traffic management systems in the city and on the national road network (including the National Traffic Management System).




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