Cameras in the fight against the pandemic

Safety and security solutions to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Emerging technologies in the fight against Covid-19



The current situation has forced entrepreneurs and representatives of public institutions to find themselves in a new space. The most important thing now is to ensure the safety of their employees, customers and other visitors to their facilities. Maintaining business continuity is crucial not only for business units but also for public facilities serving the society.
Currently, one of the most common ways to detect possible coronavirus suspects is for security personnel to take their temperature. However, a much more effective solution will be the use of thermal imaging cameras, which are designed to automatically measure the body temperature of people walking by and send an alert in case of people with elevated temperatures.
Establishments open to the public, such as stores, clinics, and restaurants, among others, are required to observe a limited number of occupants. The best solution in this case will be cameras with the function of counting people coming and going. This is definitely the best and safest solution to control the number of people in our facility.
We also offer video surveillance cameras that control and inform us about groupings of people, i.e. collections of people in one place without maintaining the minimum distance from each other.



Measuring body temperature is a very important and effective way to detect and prevent the spread of coronavirus outbreaks. We are able to detect earlier, prevent contact and infection of others and can cut the chain of transmission of the virus.

We offer a wide range of thermal imaging cameras for automatic, non-contact measurement of body temperature. Starting from hand held non-contact cameras, through portable cameras on tripods or installed stationary, to advanced, professional measuring systems from manufacturers such as AXIS, HIKVISION, DAHUA, GANZ, SUNELL and others.

The main functional features of the offered solutions:

  • Temperature measurement in a very short time around 1 second.
  • The measurement is done from a distance of 1.5m to 9m.
  • Temperature measurement accuracy from ±0.3℃ to ±0.5℃.
  • Capture human face and measure its temperature.
  • Alert when an elevated temperature is detected.

Examples of application sites:

  • Border crossings;
  • Airports, train stations, bus stops;
  • Hospitals, clinics, nursing homes;
  • Schools, colleges, kindergartens;
  • Offices, offices, institutions;
  • Workplaces, factories, warehouses;
  • Stores, malls, shopping centers;
  • Banks;
  • Cinemas, theaters, conference rooms.



In many public places there is a limit on the number of people who can enter and stay in a room at the same time.
By using cameras at the entrance/exit of the room with the function of counting people, we offer a solution to this problem allowing you to control the number of people entering/leaving
the room with notification if the set number of people is exceeded.

Examples of application sites:

  • Stores, discount stores, malls, shopping centers;
  • Pharmacies;
  • Banks;
  • Offices, institutions;
  • Workplaces, factories, warehouses;
  • Cinemas, theaters, concert halls, conference rooms;
  • Churches.



Complementing Sprint's public safety offerings are cameras with image analysis to detect groupings of people to minimize the possibility of coronavirus infection.
If the number of people in a defined area is exceeded, a notification is received.

Examples of application sites:

  • Urban spaces such as sidewalks, plazas, parks, boulevards, etc;
  • Airports, train stations, bus stops;
  • Stores, malls, shopping centers;
  • Offices, institutions;
  • Workplaces, factories, warehouses;
  • Churches.



Huge experience in the implementation of video surveillance systems.
Strong partnership relations supported by numerous certificates.
Comprehensive solutions, from consulting, through design, implementation and service.
Integration with the customer's existing systems.

Benefits of the service

Ensuring the safety of your employees, customers and other visitors to our facilities.
Automatic, non-contact and rapid measurement of body temperature.
Alert when persons with an elevated temperature are detected.
Information about groupings of people not maintaining a minimum distance between each other.
Control the number of people who can enter and stay in a room at the same time.

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