Video surveillance systems

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Video surveillance systems



Video surveillance is an indispensable element of supervision and security. It is extremely useful in businesses and other institutions, in industrial plants, hotels, sports facilities, shopping malls and in urban conditions, in places with intense vehicle and pedestrian traffic.


  • prevention: the presence of video cameras scares off criminals;
  • direct supervision: the facility is monitored in real time, making it possible to react immediately when a hazard occurs;
  • evidence: an event recorded by video cameras can be used as evidence.

We design and implement video surveillance for the following:
- cities;
- industrial plants,
- commercial and office facilities;
- manufacturing processes;
- distributed objects security management.

Video surveillance is treated mainly as a part of the Integrated Security System, including for instance an information exchange system, surveillance networks and locating threats to public and environmental safety. This makes it possible to significantly improve performance by directing forces and means to the place where they are required.

The video surveillance system is used increasingly more often in industrial plants. It makes it possible to supervise and control manufacturing processes, especially in places not accessible for staff as well as loading and unloading areas in ports and transshipment stations. It makes it easier to assess the situation and take the right decision in the case of equipment breakdown, or to launch a rescue operation if human life is threatened.
Installation of a CCTV system contributed to quick and effective action on the part of repair or emergency services.

The video surveillance system makes it possible to watch several places simultaneously, regardless of the time of day or night and the weather. High sensitivity of the devices makes it possible to record image even in low lighting conditions (e.g. street lighting).

The devices used by Sprint have already found successful application in systems in such places as for instance the White House in Washington, DC, Pentagon, FBI, United States Mint, U.S. Department of State, IBM, Compaq, General Motors, Honda, the biggest open-pit mine in the world (Diamond), Gold and Iron Ore Mines, Jagiellonian Library and National Museum in Krakow, Poland, at Heathrow Airport in London and at the airport in Sydney.


technical design
technical and financial assumptions
professional technical consultancy
delivery of equipment from reputed international companies
complete systems
warranty and post-warranty service

Benefits of the service

cameras are an effective deterrent for criminals
the object is under real-time observation, which in case of a threat allows for immediate action
event recorded by the cameras can be used as evidence

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