Safe City Platform

Information exchange platform for city dwellers.

Safe City



Access to public data, more effective collaboration between public administration offices, municipal services and residents, as well as openness to a swift exchange of information between
the city and its residents are all key trends in modern social life. For several years, these processes have been actively supported by the Safe City Platform.

The Safe City Platform (Platforma Bezpieczne Miasto) provides residents with information from the city authorities and municipal services, while at the same time allowing them to report on any issues they find concerning.


It includes a website and a linked mobile app, which operates as part of popular mobile operating systems. Both the website and the app present information uploaded by specific organizational units of city authorities, municipal services, emergency management services, the municipal guard and others.

  • On a nearly real-time basis, residents can obtain information about current events in their city; they have access to information about traffic problems, municipal infrastructure failures,
    as well as ongoing cultural and sports events.
  • The information channel also offers access to updates from many municipal agencies and services. In addition, residents can conveniently check important emergency phone numbers, not only the key ones, but also the contact details of many organizations, services and public benefit institutions.
  • Precious information can also be found in guides focusing e.g. on identifying and coping with emergency situations.
  • This solution also plays an educational role – it provides interactive instruction manuals which may help to save lives. It also includes a list of locations of the nearest available AEDs
    and a resuscitation assistant.

Current event notifications and threat alerts are another valuable feature of the mobile application. City residents can themselves decide what information they want to receive directly to their phones. On the other hand, the website and application also enable residents to communicate with public authorities and services. It can be used to report a worrying situation or a different event, which may help emergency response services and quickly inform other residents of the situation. Each report is marked with a number and the app user may track its status. Residents can view current information on a one-stop-shop basis and easily communicate with the city and its institutions, which increases the safety and comfort of their functioning in the society.



quick access and exchange of information, building trust between residents and public order services
the website collects, processes and presents information on incidents, e.g. failures, accidents, obstructions, crisis situations
mobile application presents data from the portal and allows the reporting of events with descriptions and photos

Benefits of the service

For Residents
Quick reporting of incidents, notifications about threats, free mobile application
For Public Service
Faster and more effective interventions

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