Security audits and testing

We have tools and skills to perform comprehensive security audits. We provide testing of network infrastructure, web applications, websites, social engineering, OSINT, as well as special services i.e.: 0day.




We have recently seen a large increase in cyber attacks, especially related to methods such as phishing, SQL Injection, Clickjacking. Is your company vulnerable to these types of attacks? How to protect yourself against them? How to detect irregularities in your employees’ activity? Or maybe you are trying to locate someone who has already scammed you? Specialists from our CyberSecurity department will answer all these questions.

We will conduct a comprehensive audit of your company, find security gaps not yet detected by your software or hardware manufacturer. We will use multiple methods to thoroughly check the cyber security of your company. Then, we will provide you with a comprehensive report with recommendations for fixing specific security gaps.

If you want to, you can use our ReV - Research Vulnerabilities service today, thanks to which you will find out, for free, if your website, application or hardware is vulnerable to the most popular attacks.

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  • External testing - where we attempt to gain unauthorized access to your company's data using an external network by attempting to attack wireless networks, and over the Internet.
  • Internal tests - in which, connected to the internal network, we collect information about the devices running in it - their weak points or irregularities in configuration.

Or maybe you own a network of information kiosks in a shopping mall, or ticketing machines? Yes, we test those too.



Web applications are particularly vulnerable to various forms of hacking attacks. The aim of penetration testing is to practically assess the current state of system security, in particular, to detect all vulnerabilities and resistance to security breach attempts.

We perform penetration testing of web applications and websites using the latest technologies:

  • Stress Tests - with the use of DoS, DDoS techniques, their task is to check the network throughput and the level of resistance of servers and other devices associated with a given application or website.
  • Database testing - using SQL Injection techniques and versioning errors.
  • Mobile testing - focuses around mobile applications both in terms of the software being tested and smishing/vishing techniques.
  • Application tests - web tests check not only security, but also functionality and optimality of given websites or applications.  



A special type of testing that relies on soft tests related to human resource weaknesses. The scenarios of these tests are implicit and staggered depending on the degree of their intensification.

Do you want to check if your employees, through inattention or lack of knowledge of regulations, can pass access to your company's data or devices? These tests are just for you.



The service consists in detecting vulnerabilities before the manufacturer publishes an update.

Thanks to the latest technologies and the work of many specialists, we can offer you a service most desired by owners of large companies and huge corporations. This is not only a security audit, but first and foremost, an effort put into the analysis of the code of web applications, websites or the way network devices work, in order to find a vulnerability not yet taken into account by the manufacturer.



experienced and qualified pentesters
GLP/GCP and FDA certifications
selection of appropriate technologies and tools
proven testing procedures
ISO 27001, AQAP 2210, AQAP 2110 certificates

Benefits of the service

Free verification test.
Extensive audit report.
A comprehensive security audit tailored to your needs.
Quickly diagnose the most common vulnerabilities.
Best offer on the market.

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Michał Płocharski
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