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A solution designed for comprehensive wireless network verification.




Fast, unlimited, and stable access to a wireless network is the backbone of any business.
Provide your organization with uninterrupted communication and business process continuity.

► We perform measurements on any 802.11 (a/b/g/n/ac/ax) network, with all network manufacturers.
► When auditing, we use a solution from a market-leading manufacturer Ekahau


► Wireless network users complain of performance issues?
► You need to verify and document a working wireless network?
You are planning to expand your WLAN, but don't know where to start?

Feel free to use our service - wireless network audit.
Network audits are aimed at analyzing network configuration, assessing wireless network security, checking wireless network signal strength, and examining the interactions between devices included in an enterprise Wi-Fi network infrastructure.
A network audit involves assessing the efficiency and performance of a Wi-Fi network. And the results of the conducted measurements of the wireless network provide information on its real status.
A thorough audit of a company's network is the best way for network security engineers to locate network blind spots by analyzing the wireless network infrastructure. Take a security audit and improve the performance of your Wi-Fi network.

We offer a personalized approach and a professional audit of your wireless network.

We carry out wireless network measurement and auditing services relying on the years of experience of our specialists, who also design wireless networks.

With our team powered by experts in wireless network management, we can offer you a reliable network audit that will provide you with the most important data on the signal, the configuration of your company's network devices, and the overall functional condition of your wireless network. The audit allows you to thoroughly analyze Wi-Fi network issues and develop recommendations for configuration, which if implemented, will improve the performance of your wireless network.

Wireless network analysis is conducted in any environment. The following are examples of places where we perform audits of existing networks.

  • offices
  • warehouses
  • industrial plants and factories
  • schools
  • hotels
  • hospitals


All you need to do before we start analyzing network performance issues is to send us plans of the buildings or areas where Wi-Fi network measurements will be carried out.
Plans are the basis for the audit, as the results and proposed network solutions will be presented on them, so it's good if the plans are as up-to-date, clear, and of high quality as possible. After we receive the plans, we will agree on a convenient date for conducting the Wi-Fi network analysis together.


The scope is determined individually with the client and from among the following options:

  • Radio measurements of Wi-Fi networks using the Ekahau device
  • Verification of controller configuration
  • Assistance in making corrections to the controller configuration
  • Professional network security audit

Our Wi-Fi audit is performed using professional software and hardware from Ekahau. For wireless networks, measuring WLAN coverage does not interfere with the daily duties and activities of Wi-Fi network users. Conducted Wi-Fi network performance and security audit does not weaken the signal strength of the network, so employees can easily access the Internet.

Spectrum analysis and security audit of your company's Wi-Fi network.
Our specialists come to the client with the equipment necessary to perform the audit. After a brief conversation about the situation found as well as the issues faced by users, they proceed with the measurements.

Computer network audits and radio network audits are performed throughout the facility - wherever efficient wireless networks are expected. During the measurement and security check of local networks, the following information is recorded, among others:

  • area coverage by radio signals
  • visibility of redundant access points
  • signal-to-noise ratio (SNR),
  • radio channels used in the 2.4 and 5 GHz bands
  • interference that occurs

Moreover, the measurements also collect the MAC addresses of all access points transmitting in the ether. This allows for network inventory and detection of foreign devices.

Our specialists can also verify the configuration of your wireless network, with a focus on optimizing its operation including security policies based on current regulations and best practices. If necessary, they will also help make the necessary changes.

We also perform professional security audits with simulated attacks. All details and their scope are agreed indivudually with the client.


AWi-Fi AUDIT - effects and results

Once the measurements are completed, the client will receive a summary report of the detailed network audit.

What information will be included in this document?

  • a detailed description of the current status of the Wi-Fi network
  • maps on the radio signal and its coverage of the area where the audit is being performed, as well as recommendations including radio network configuration
  • a list of detected devices that use Wi-Fi or degrade the quality of the network signal
  • conclusions and recommendations to solve problems and optimize a professional Wi-Fi network


Need support with configuring a controller or other network devices? Do you have a problem with your company's wireless networks, or maybe you're wondering what's causing the poor quality of the network signal on your premises? Contact us, we operate comprehensively, perform network audits, offer Wi-Fi network design, and are sure to find a customized solution for your needs.

Our Wi-Fi audit is a proven way to crack down on wireless network issues, improve performance and security, making your working Wi-Fi network a reliable working tool.


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