SWIBŻ - Shipping Safety Information Exchange System

Implementation for the Maritime Office in Gdynia

Introduction date

January 2003


Public Sector

Service type

Storage & Compute

Shipping safety



Sprint has developed a maritime security information exchange tool based on its proprietary VIZAN solution. This system serves as a platform for information distribution between operational services cooperating in the field of maritime safety protection. The distribution of information takes place between the Maritime Operations Centre of the Polish Navy, the National Navigational Warnings Coordinator Service of the Polish Navy,  and the Radiolocation Supervision Centre of the Sea Border Guard, and is expanded to include other users, including Maritime Offices in Szczecin and Slupsk, MRCK SAR, Governors' Crisis Management Centres, maritime mobile group of the Customs Chamber, and then port captains' offices and specialist units in Maritime Offices.

SWIBŻ organizes and controls the exchange of information relevant to maritime safety through a data communications network, and provides incident handling according to the ISPS Code. The user of the program defines types of events and describes procedures for handling particular types (event handling). New events can be initiated by operators ("manually") or automatically as a result of reading measurement data from devices, reading data from other systems or databases. Once a new event occurs, it is handled by the system according to the procedure defined for the event type, e.g. notifications are sent to the appropriate people, the system waits for the recording of relevant decisions, etc.

The system uses the following data:

  • AIS stream from Baltic and global coastal stations and satellite AIS source,
  • navigational warnings and Sailing News from BHMW,
  • weather forecasts from IMGW,
  • information from Lloyd's Register of Shipping,
  • reports received directly by operators of particular services,
  • hydro-meteorological data from automatic sensors.


The system is tested for information exchange with SafeSeaNet of the European Maritime Safety Agency.

The system has been awarded at many national and international industry events.



In March 2017, Sprint S.A. signed a contract to implement technical support and adaptive changes to the Shipping Safety Information Exchange System (SWIBŻ).
For more than 15 years, we have been implementing the expansion of the SWIBŻ system, and the March 29 contract opens the 6th phase of the system development. Along with the tasks related to SCZM, our NSW system will be extended, serving Maritime and State Administration and widely understood entities connected with maritime economy, such as: port authorities, port terminal operators, shipowners, shipping lines.

NSW (National Single Window) is a modern information exchange platform based on world recognized communication standards and cooperating with other systems in a system-to-system mode.


Organizing information sharing.
Enhancing shipping safety.
Event handling
Defining event types and describing procedures for dealing with each type.
New events can be initiated by operators "manually" or automatically.
A platform based on world recognized communication standards and cooperating with other systems in a system-to-system mode.