SprintBot in Vectra S.A.

VECTRA S.A. - a nationwide provider of TV and Internet services, employs SprintBot in its hotline, which talks using Techmo ASR and TTS.

Introduction date

March 2020



Service type

Communication systems

Virtual consultant



The implementation has covered 6 processes, and 4 more are in the pipeline. The  novelty involves the first use of a speech synthesizer based on deep neural networks. The result is a voice with a natural sound and at the same time very short bot response time. The system integrator is Sprint S.A., the partner is Techmo.



With a constantly growing number of subscribers, Vectra needed to continually invest in expanding the capacity of its Contact Center in order to provide the right level of service for its ever-increasing traffic. Thanks to the voice bot, which takes over the handling of simpler, repetitive service processes (or even parts of them), not only have we shortened the queues, but we've also given the staff more time to deal with less standard issues. From the Customer’s point of view it can be clearly seen as an increase in speed and quality of service. And convenience, because you don't have to look at the screen, write anything or even press numbers on the phone, just talk. And after all, there is nothing more comfortable and natural than verbal communication, right?


Of course, implementation success does not come from nowhere. It is not only the hard work of the entire implementation team, but also the quality of the components used in the solution, and this quality is considered in many dimensions - including functionality, technical support, security or even future development potential. Having had very positive experiences from previous projects, for the implementation of the voice layer services (speech recognition and synthesis), we chose products of the Polish company Techmo - successfully competing with the largest players in the market on the quality of  the Polish language support. The choice of communication platform was also obvious - the best on the market, unsurpassed IVR "Avaya Experience Portal", already existing in the Vectra environment. And our SprintBot, which combines complex technologies and unique advantages of predefined conversation description with machine learning.

This success would not have been possible without the close cooperation of all parties - Vectra, to adapt the service processes to the new technology, Techmo, to prepare the natural speech recognition engine while considering the specifics of cable TV, and Sprint, to embed the system in the technical environment and to teach the bot how to handle individual business processes. 

To sum up - SprintBot at Vectra is effectively helping Customers to get their business done faster and CC Agents to have extra time for a cup of tea.


handles incoming and outgoing traffic
uses speech synthesis and recognition technologies
learns quickly
can make decisions


Continuous operation.
Uniform level of service.
Ensured compliance with formal and legal service process.
Service time
Reduced Agent Handling Time.
Extra time
More time for the agent to handle custom cases.