Speech Analytics in Call Center

Searching, analyzing and using collected information.

Introduction date

September 2021



Service type

Communication systems

Speech Analytics



Verint Speech Analytics solution in standard configuration offers Customer Behavior Indicators™ feature, which informs what is happening in call center. The user can quickly find the words and phrases used most frequently during a given period, and determine whether the frequency of their use is increasing or decreasing. This information is displayed on the home page of the Impact 360 Speech Analytics solution, making it easy for managers, analysts and other company personnel to detect changes in customer behavior and take action to reduce the number of calls and increase customer satisfaction.

Specialized and industry-specific vocabulary can also be incorporated through easy-to-use settings. The TellMeWhy™ feature helps users quickly find potential causes of customer feedback. A rich set of report templates, clickable charts, and visual mappings of conversations allow the data collected to be presented in the most useful way.


Impact 360 Speech Analytics allows you to automatically search thousands of recorded conversations based on words, phrases and categories, enabling your business to respond to changes in customer requirements.

Benefits that result from implementation:

  • the ability to use information from recorded calls to reduce costs, improve the quality of products and processes, gain competitive advantage and improve the level of customer service;
  • automatic categorization of calls and analysis of their content, which makes it easier to understand customer behavior, see why customers are calling and what the main reasons for their feedback are, why there are a high number of calls, and what threats and opportunities the competition presents;
  • automatically sending calls that address the company's most important issues to managers and directors for review; this facilitates more precise quality monitoring;
  • achieving better results with fewer resources by sharing valuable information across the enterprise using workflow automation tools.


Verint Speech Analytics is part of the Impact 360 Workforce Optimization suite that optimizes workforce utilization. Impact 360 combines quality monitoring, TDM and IP logging, workforce management, speech and data analytics, customer surveys, performance management, e-learning and coaching into a single solution that enables you to analyze customer interactions, increase employee productivity and optimize service processes. With this solution, telecenters, branch offices and back-office can collect and share data from across the enterprise and use it for decision-making. The company gains a coordinated source of information that is properly managed and stored.


Reducing service costs.
Improving product and process quality.
Improving customer service.
Taking action to reduce the number of calls.
Increasing customer satisfaction.
Information about what is happening in the call center.
Helping to quickly find potential reasons for customer feedback.
Detecting changes in customer behavior.
Extensive set of report templates and charts.