Court of Appeal in Warsaw

Supply of server equipment.

Introduction date

January 2020


Public Sector

Service type

Storage & Compute

Top quality server equipment



In mid-December 2019, Sprint won a tender procedure and finally signed a contract for the supply of server hardware for the courts of Warsaw appellation. As part of this project, in addition to providing court facilities with hardware, Sprint has committed to provide professional warranty services for a period of 7 years.

It is a common belief that the end of the year is a challenging time, which usually brings a number of obstacles. We all know it from everyday life, and ICT projects are by no means exceptional. The task we decided to complete for the Court of Appeals in Warsaw (an institution that was a leader in the tender proceedings on the part of the Employer) required us to deliver a total of 35 rack servers to 15 court facilities in the Mazovia region before the end of 2019.

We finalized the deliveries within two weeks during this hectic pre-Christmas period.

Achieving this goal was possible primarily due to the strong commitment of our resources. The support provided by our long-standing technology partner, i.e.: Lenovo, is also not insignificant. It is the products of this supplier that we decided to offer to the Client. Efficient servers ThinkSystem SR630 series, designed to be mounted in telecommunication cabinets, equipped with 1 TB of RAM each, have met the Customer's expectations one hundred percent.
Since January 2020, Lenovo technology has been supporting IT processes conducted in the Mazovian courts.





Supporting the client's IT processes.
Increasing productivity.
Guarantee of reliable operation.
Increased data processing security.