Sectional speed measurement on S8

In November 2021, the installation and activation of average speed measurement systems on 4 sections of S8 road in Warsaw was completed.

Introduction date

November 2021


Public Sector

Service type

Smart City

Sectional Speed Measurement


These devices are aimed at registering drivers who exceed the average speed limit on the controlled road section.

Two systems were installed on the S8 road sections controlling traffic towards Poznań, and 2 towards Białystok - one on each side of the Vistula River. The eastern section is 4.04 km long in both directions, and the western section is 3.08 km long in the direction to the Vistula River and 2.95 km long from the Vistula River.

 It is worth mentioning that the modernization of 24 Sectional Speed Measurement (SSM) devices located in different parts of Poland was completed in December 2021. They were equipped with illuminating lamps, thanks to which the measurements will be more accurate and easier to perform even in difficult weather conditions. A total of 100 lamps were installed to support the UnicamVELOCITY3 type recorders that were mounted on Polish roads between 2014 and 2015. The upgraded devices are located throughout Poland.


Since 2017, Sprint has been providing maintenance and service for the recording equipment built under the Sectional Speed Measurement contract on behalf of Main Inspectorate of Road Transport.


Following the traffic regulations.
SSM devices do not impact the environmental conditions .
Possible use of existing road infrastructure.
On average, sectional speed measurement records half as many violations as speed cameras.