Section Speed Control System

In terms of the tender announced by the General Inspectorate of Road Transport (GITD), Sprint was selected as a supplier of 29 measuring devices together with support structures.

Introduction date

November 2015


Public Sector

Service type

Smart City

Section Speed Control System



The average speed measurement system was delivered and implemented as a part of the project of constructing the central automatic traffic supervision system. On the basis of the contract, Sprint delivered, installed and launched the system, as well as provided maintenance service and trained the indicated employees in its operation.

Measuring devices used for the implementation underwent all necessary tests, including type approval issued by the President of the Central Office of Measures and meet all requirements in terms of legal regulations for the assessment of compliance system for electromagnetic compatibility and telecommunications. 
The task of the devices is to register drivers who exceed the average speed limit on the controlled road section.

The road sections proposed by GITD are from ca. 900 m to over 7 km long and are located all over the country (the largest number, i.e. as many as 9, is in Masovian Voivodship).


In 2016, Sprint also implemented a Sectional Speed Measurement system on a section of provincial road 216 Reda - Rekowo Górne, about 1650 m long, commissioned by the Provincial Roads Administration in Gdansk.

Since 2017, Sprint has been providing maintenance and service for 29 recording devices built under the contract for Sectional Speed Measurement commissioned by GITD.


Improving traffic safety.
License plate recognition of wanted vehicles.
Statistical data for the road manager (number, type of vehicles in traffic on a given road section).
Traffic flow
Improving traffic flow.
Reduced air pollution (quieter driving reduced exhaust emissions).
No „side effects”
Eliminating the so-called kangaroo effect (sudden braking before and accelerating after passing a speed camera).
Interference elimination
Eliminating the potential interference from "anti-radar" devices.