Intelligent Transportation Systems for Olsztyn

As a part of the tender procedure and project “Modernization and development of the integrated public transport system in Olsztyn” Sprint S.A. was contracted for implementation of the ITS.

Introduction date

November 2015


Public Sector

Service type

Smart City

Intelligent Transportation System



The assumption behind the ITS Olsztyn project was to improve the technical and functional standards of the city’s transport network to ensure proper operating conditions for the planned tram line and bus lines as well as to improve individual traffic conditions as much as possible alongside the implementation of measures prioritizing public transport.
The ITS is also expected to improve the quality of public transport and to improve the comfort of using the carrier's vehicles through the installation of passenger information system displays inside and outside vehicles. In order to improve the comfort of the public transport system’s users the electronic ticket / urban card system will be implemented and ITC tools will be set up to facilitate efficient preparation of the input data, processing of public transport usage and load data as well as to enhance passenger services.


The ITS implementation will consist of the following integrated subsystems:

  • traffic control system prioritizing public transport vehicles (see map),
  • traffic control centre (see picture),
  • monitoring system for intersections operated by the traffic control system 
  • vehicle traffic monitoring system 
  • red light running system 
  • instantaneous speed measurement system
  • public transport control system on bus and tram lines (see map),
  • dispatch centre for management and control of public transport vehicles’ traffic (see photo),
  • passenger information website and displays at stops and inside vehicles -  variable message signs (including both stops and buses),
  • electronic ticket (urban card) including the charging system and on-board devices on trams and buses -  stationary ticket machines, mobile ticket machines, card personalization points,
  • Meteorological Information System 
  • control system for traffic stream propagation in the transport network.





Traffic Management Center
Traffic control – SCATS
Intersections monitoring
Wi-Fi hotspots in trams
Weather information system
Red light violation detection systems
Speed cameras
Sprint/ITS control application


Infrastructure for monitoring intersections, stops and vehicles; infrastructure for traffic offence recording including red light running cameras and speed measurement systems.
Public transport
Priority transit through intersections for public transport vehicles, improved traffic flow and reduced travel times.
Implementation of the passenger information system (electronic displays at stops, inside vehicles, website, etc.). Implementation of modern electronic ticket system.