Intelligent Transportation Systems for Łódź

As a part of the tender procedure for “Urban traffic control system” Sprint S.A. was contracted for implementation of the ITS. The contract amounted to over PLN 78 million tax included.

Introduction date

November 2015


Public Sector

Service type

Smart City

Intelligent Transportation System



The area traffic control system in Łódź is the largest Intelligent Transport Systems deployed in an urban agglomeration in Poland. Its purpose is to improve public transport and reduce congestion within the city.

The ITS implementation will consist of the following integrated subsystems:

  • Urban Traffic Control System based on the Sprint/ITS/SCATS software (modernization and the construction of new traffic lights incl. their connection to the system - 234 of a total of nearly 280 intersections in Łódź), and its integration with Łódź’s Regional Tram System,
  • driver information system,
  • Mobile Information System (9 variable message signs),
  • Passenger Information System (over 140 displays),
  • Public Transport Management System,
  • CCTV video surveillance system (41 new cameras + connection of 11 existing ones),
  • automatic number plate recognition system - ANPR (121 cameras),
  • Communication System,
  • geographic information system (GIS),
  • integration of the tunnel’s SCADA system,
  • installation of the power supply infrastructure,
  • web portal for drivers and public transport passengers serving visual information about traffic and public transport within the area covered by the ITS,
  • adaptation and installation of additional equipment in the offices of the Traffic Management Centre.
Traffic Management Center
Traffic control – SCATS
Priorities for buses and trams
Public transport management systems
Dynamic displays at bus and tram stops
Intersections monitoring
Automatic Number Plate Recognition System
Variable message signs (VMS)
GIS database
A signalling system in the tunnel Website for passengers