European Solidarity Centre in Gdańsk

The contract for the construction of the ECS building in Gdańsk was signed in 2010 between Polimex - Mostostal and Gdańskie Inwestycje Komunalne Euro 2012, representing the Municipality of Gdańsk.

Introduction date

August 2012


Public Sector

Service type

ICT systems

Modern ICT systems


Building tele-technical installations included, among others:

  • fire alarm system - consists of 6 fire panels and about 1000 fire detectors
  • Voice Evacuation System (VAS) - over 600 loudspeakers installed
  • Intrusion Detection System - among other things, laser detectors were installed to protect the facility from the outside
  • Access control - over 140 readers were installed in the facility
  • CCTV system with ca. 250 cameras with different functionalities
  • parking system - equipped with two cash registers and a service desk
  • structural cabling installation 
  • automation, management and supervision system (BMS)



In the newly constructed building of the European Solidarity Centre, a number of modern IT systems were installed to manage the security of people and property, as well as installations supporting the operation and protection of the building.


Fire safety
Systems increasing fire safety throughout the building.
Facility security
Systems protecting against robbery and burglary, including laser detectors, access control, and CCTV.
Approximately 250 cameras with different functionalities were installed in the building.
Parking lot control
Monitoring the number of entering and leaving vehicles.
Work inspection
Guard touring system for recording and verifying security work.
Number of visitors
Verification of the number of visitors.
Collection protection
Anti-theft system of the library and reading room.
Filling in communication in the multi-purpose room between sound director, light director, projector room, voice-overs, etc.
Modern IP telephony system.