Academic Invasive Medicine Centre

In 2008 Sprint S.A. was chosen to build tele-technical installations for the Academic Invasive Medicine Centre. The project was completed in September 2011.

Introduction date

September 2011



Service type

ICT systems

Modern Technologies



A number of modern teletechnical installations were made as part of the project.  Thanks to the use of advanced technologies and implementation at the highest possible level, the building put into use is one of the most modern facilities of its kind in the country.

Building the tele-technical installations included the following:

  • SAP fire alarm system
  • Structure wiring and telephone wiring system
  • CATV system installation
  • Voice Evacuation System, DSO
  • cuilding security and alarm systems
  • installation of audio-visual and educational TV systems
  • installation and integration of all installed systems



In the newly built Invasive Medicine Center, a number of modern IT systems have been installed to manage the work and monitor the lives of patients. Their integration will allow for better use of the existing medical equipment, and thus increasing the effectiveness of the undertaken activities.


Fire safety
Systems increasing fire safety in the entire building.
Facility security
Systems protecting against robbery and burglary through access control and CCTV.
Communication with the staff
Paging systems that allow patients to call and/or communicate with staff.
Intercom system with access control allowing security personnel to control and respond to incidents.
Wall-mounted intercoms in operating rooms giving attendants the ability to establish a voice connection with a selected caller.
Intercom system integrated with telecommunication system.
A system that allows the nurse on duty to have video surveillance of the patient.
Installed transmission paths to transmit audio-video signals between rooms.
Cable TV
Installation of a cable television network to receive television and radio programs from terrestrial and satellite transmitters.