Desktop and Process Analytics in Contact Center

Sprint S.A. has implemented a Desktop and Process Analytics system for Best S.A. It’s used to analyse processes executed on computers in contact centre and back office operational units.

Introduction date

May 2015



Service type

Communication systems

Desktop and Process Analytics



Avaya Desktop and Process Analytics offers a Process Discovery feature that provides a graphical representation of employee activities within a process or task performed using a computer application.

This tool enables you to monitor, measure, analyze and correct the invisible aspects of customer service. It helps back office operational units to increase productivity and efficiency, reduce costs, meet their responsibilities, and improve the quality of customer service.

Avaya DPA is available as part of the Impact 360 suite and as a standalone product. It can be used in conjunction with third-party software.

Avaya Desktop and Process Analytics provides the following benefits:

  • increased productivity by gaining insight into the individual steps and current status of specific back office processes based on actual user behavior,
  • increased productivity by measuring the time required by individual employees to perform each stage of a given process, reducing the number of errors and the time needed to complete the work by using the collected data to redesign processes and reduce their variability,
  • increased efficiency and effectiveness of employees by monitoring compliance of their actions with schedules and ensuring that employees provide the assumed level of service,
  • detecting training needs based on unusual usage of applications,
  • detecting and correcting processes and behaviors that are not in line with company and industry standards.


reduces financial risks associated with deviating from the defined business processes
increases efficiency by promoting the most effective behaviors
shortens the total time to service by automating repetitive process steps
reduces time to implement new functionalities in business systems


Ability to identify effective behaviors for top performing employees, and present them to less productive employees to increase their productivity.
Reduce risk and potential penalties by identifying and correcting behaviors and processes that are not in compliance with company standards.
Eliminating errors
Shortening work completion cycles, reducing errors and rework by transferring data between application screens, and providing guidance to execute processes according to the best procedures.
Increasing productivity and efficiency of the back office departments by accurately forecasting the workload and scheduling employees accordingly.
Process reconstruction
Reconstructing service/sales processes.
Monitoring application usage.
Helping to identify how processes can be improved, alerts to managers of high risk events.