ITS in Wałbrzych

The Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) in Wałbrzych was implemented as part of the project entitled "Low emission reduction through the introduction of sustainable urban and suburban mobility, consisting in the construction of the Wałbrzych Plac na Rozdrożu transfer center, and the improvement of traffic management systems and energy-efficient urban lighting".

Introduction date

December 2018


Public Sector

Service type

Smart City

Intelligent Transportation System



The contract for the task was signed in January 2018 by Sprint S.A. and Zakład Dróg, Komunikacji i Utrzymania Miasta in Wałbrzych (Road, Transport and City Maintenance Company in Wałbrzych). Within 11 months, Sprint S.A. designed and implemented 7 subsystems covered by the contract.



New boards showing the real time of buses' arrival were installed at bus stops - each of them, thanks to the voice announcement function, is adjusted to be operated by visually impaired passengers.
An information service has also been made available - - presenting data on traffic, current congestion on the network of streets covered by the ITS system, as well as road obstructions in the city and the paid parking zones, along with passenger information.



Implementation of the ITS system in Wałbrzych included modernization of traffic lights at intersections and pedestrian crossings, where new traffic lights, extension arms and masts, video detection cameras, pedestrian pushbuttons, sounders, and signal controllers were installed. Dozens of new video surveillance cameras, connected to the Traffic Control Center in the Municipal Police Station, appeared at intersections, bus stops, and in critical points of the city.

The investment included construction of a new Traffic Control Center, which has tools for direct supervision, management and control of traffic on the roads included in the project - SPRINT/ITS/SCATS.


Moreover, as part of the investment, the parking information system 4PARK was created, informing about the occupancy of 6 main parking lots in the city - the information is presented on light panels and on Street lighting controllers and street lighting power reducers were also replaced.

The main objective of the investment was to improve traffic conditions in the city, with particular emphasis on public transport. Thanks to the mechanism of giving priority to buses delayed in relation to the implementation of the timetable, it is possible to reduce their waiting time at red lights.



Traffic control and management center
Video surveillance
Dynamic bus stop information system
City lighting control system - CPAnet
Public transport management system
Parking information system - 4PARK
Mobile information system and ITS portal


Better conditions
Improved traffic conditions by reducing travel time, traffic congestion on major traffic routes in the city.
Improved safety through direct and continuous surveillance of the Traffic Management Center (using cameras, sensors, and system equipment).
Increased comfort of public transport travel through the passenger information system.