Maintenance Contract for ITS in Łódź

Since January 2021, Sprint has been carrying out the task called "Maintenance of the Area Traffic Control System Infrastructure and Tunnel System in Łódź".

The task was divided into 2 parts:

•    In the first part of the task we maintain the ITS roadside equipment (CCTV cameras, ANPR cameras, variable message signs, network devices) built within the scope of the ITS system construction projects in Łódź and the tunnel control system.

•   In the second part (starting March 2021) - we will provide maintain the software delivered within the scope of ITS system construction, i.e.: Sprint/ITS central application, Sprint/ITS/Scats traffic management system, Municom.premium public transportation management software, WWW portal and mobile application, GIS map software.

Implementation of the above tasks will last until the end of 2022.

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