We will carry out a project to develop a system of information for drivers in Krakow.

On September 27, the Cracow City Roads Authority signed an agreement with the consortium of Comtegra S.A. and Sprint S.A. for the implementation of the project entitled: "Development of the information system for travelers in the Krakow Functional Area - Modernization of the information system for drivers".

This will give Krakow several traffic management improvements, making it easier for all participants to get around the city daily. his will happen thanks to traffic measurement stations and new software, among other things. The implementation is scheduled to last until the end of October 2023.

As a consortium partner, we are responsible for the supply of:

  • ANPR camera subsystem at 43 intersections,
  • VMS variable message signs,
  • weather stations.

In addition, our experts will handle the installation and start-up of traffic volume measurement stations based on inductive loops in 20 locations.

We will also introduce and launch data analysis and processing software, collecting information from field ITS devices and a master application. By means of it, Krakow will be given the ability to, among other things, control the messages displayed on VMS boards.

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