Dynamic Passenger Information System in Chełm

Sprint has designed and installed bus shelters with the Dynamic Passenger Information System at 40 locations in Chełm.

As part of the contract with the City of Chełm, our company was responsible for:

✅ Designing and installing 38 bus shelters.

✅ Dismantling the existing, old shelters.

✅ Providing and activating 40 Passenger Information Boards along with their integration into the Passenger Information System.

✅ Designing and constructing power connections for a total of 40 locations of Passenger Information Boards.
During the implementation, several models of shelters of different sizes and functionalities were made, including those that are distinctive for the entire project, i.e., heated, air-conditioned, and green shelters.

We had only 4 months to complete the entire task (design stage, arrangements, and implementation), which we managed to achieve thanks to the great commitment and determination of our employees, partners, and the Client.

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