An agreement with the National Water Management Company Wody Polskie

Sprint, in consortium with Slovakian company Elvys, has signed an agreement with the State Water Company Wody Polskie for the construction of the Dispatching Communication Subsystem and the Communication Subsystem.

The project will cover water stages, reservoirs and other hydrotechnical facilities along the Odra River. The scope of both subsystems will include: realization of digital individual and group connections, communication in emergency situations e.g. floods, communication with areas where other telecommunication networks do not function, construction of reliable and intelligent WAN network between the Ordering Party's facilities, organization of communication along the Odra using maritime/internal radio channels with implemented "voting" function and inland ATIS signaling.

Sprint - Elvys consortium will install and launch necessary hardware and software. Additionally, comprehensive training will be provided for the customer's staff on the use of implemented subsystems.

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