Monitoring parking space occupancy in the center of Toruń

On 8 October 2021, Sprint signed a contract with the city of Toruń to design, build and operate a parking space information system in the center of Toruń. It will monitor the occupancy of 725 spaces and will be operational by July 2022.

Over the next six months we will design the whole system so that it can best serve the residents of Toruń and tourists. In this stage of creating an intelligent parking system in the city, the sensors checking the occupancy will cover 725 parking spaces - 679 for cars, 38 for disabled people's vehicles and 8 for coaches. The project prepared by Sprint will also already include the possibility of expanding the monitoring by another 330 sensors placed in the pavement. The operational launch will take another 3 months, meaning the entire investment will last 9 months - until July

The information collected by the system will be relayed to drivers in real time via 22 light boards (full color matrix LEDs) - 12 smaller and 10 larger. In turn, the city authorities will receive detailed reports showing occupancy statistics for each of the spaces. This will allow them to better manage them and make decisions about possible expansion. The whole system will also have its own server.

The total value of the contract is: PLN 2,297,631.20.

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