Contract for implementation of Intelligent Transport System in Pabianice

The tender for ITS in Pabianice, concluded in August, has finally been closed. All the works planned in the contract are to be completed within one year, i.e. by September 8, 2022. They will be finalized by launching 23 information boards (with 5 and 7 lines) at the most crucial stops in the city. The boards will show the estimated time of arrival of the public transport vehicles, which will enable installing on-board computers equipped, among other things, with geolocation capabilities, in all vehicles of the public carrier. There will also be video monitoring at 26 stops, as well as an IT system for travel management - servers will be installed, a fiber-optic network will be set up, and a video wall will be installed in the dispatch center to monitor the movement of individual MZK vehicles.  A new website of the municipal transport company and a mobile application will be created, so that passengers can easily access the most important information about the rides. 

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"I am really glad that yet another city trusted us and chose us to implement the ITS system in their city. Observing the functioning of our previous implementations, among others in Łódź, neighbouring with Pabianice, and several other cities, we can see that the system significantly improves the residents' comfort. In many cases, the improvement of public transport has also contributed to an increase in the number of passengers, as more people decided to abandon their daily commute by car in favour of public transport. MZK will also gain a lot, as thanks to better control over vehicles, it will be able to manage and service the fleet more efficiently, which will make it easier to maintain it in a good technical condition. This is very important for the sustainable and ecological development of the city. I hope that the same will happen in Pabianice" - says Sławomir Wojtacki, CEO of Sprint S.A. 

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