Contract for implementation of ITS in Katowice

The contract covers the delivery of an ITS system consisting of a number of subsystems facilitating traffic in Katowice. We will launch tools supporting the work of the Traffic Control Centre (CSR), hardware and software for managing traffic lights and variable message signs, or priority for public transport, among other things.

What will it look like in practice? Over 100 intersections will be modernized and equipped with high-tech tools for traffic control and monitoring. There will be 17 variable message signs in the city. The intelligent parking system will cover more than 2,000 parking spaces, and information concerning their occupancy will be displayed on 12 boards located around the city. Also, we will launch a mobile application allowing to check the availability of parking spaces on the fly, which will facilitate traveling around the city for both residents and guests and tourists.

All data collected by the ITS subsystems will be precisely analyzed by a specialized software provided by the contractor, thanks to which the CSR will be able to respond dynamically to changes on the roads and optimize traffic control to avoid unnecessary traffic jams.

Engineering design and installation of the entire system is expected to be completed by the end of 2023

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– Creating an Intelligent Transport Management System for Katowice is an interesting challenge which we gladly take up. Its future-oriented character is worth special attention. We are going to build a system which can be extended along with the development of the agglomeration. This was a very important point in the tender, emphasized by the city authorities. In this way, we will prepare the technical infrastructure to expand the Intelligent Transport Management System of Katowice in the future, in line with the city's growing transport needs. I am glad that we are able to streamline traffic in Katowice and I hope that the residents will appreciate the benefits resulting from its launch," says Waldemar Matukiewicz, Vice-President of Sprint S.A

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