Building Warsaw Central Railway Station

As a part of the construction, Sprint implemented the following systems (the implementation includes supply of materials, hardware and software, installation and commissioning and integration with the infrastructure of the Customer, i.e. PKP-PLK):

  • The Public Address System is an element of the CSDIP system (Central System of Dynamic Passenger Information);
  • Railroad Communication System along with a data transmission system built on the SDH system;
  • 150 MHz Radio Communications System;
  • Video Surveillance System covering the platforms with the pedestrian and cycle bridge, and the area of the Control Station building and the turnout heads;
  • Low voltage systems in the Control Station building, including: Access Control System (ACS), Intrusion Detection System, Intercoms, LAN network.

Additionally, we were responsible for creating project documentation of implemented systems, as well as warranty and maintenance services.

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