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For over 30 years, as an IT integrator, we have provided comprehensive solutions based on the latest technologies from the world's leading manufacturers.

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Security and IP Networks
Security and IP Networks

Data protection - always and everywhere

To ensure the confidentiality and integrity of your data, and to protect against attempts at unauthorized interference with the system, we provide comprehensive solutions based on a variety of technologies and tools from reputable vendors.

MPLS Network - high quality network
MPLS provides customers with a virtual private network service with guaranteed bandwidth for real-time transmission of voice, video and other high-priority data. It works in conjunction with existing or planned IP-based services. It provides predictable application performance, scalability and security.
SD-WAN - Software Defined Network
SD-WAN (Software Defined Wide Area Network) is a software-defined network in which network traffic management is moved from the hardware to the application layer, providing many capabilities not previously available.
NGFW - Network edge security
NGFW - Next Generetion Firewall is a version of the commonly used firewall type network protection system, which added deep packet analysis, reaching up to the seventh layer of the ISO/OSI network model, to the stateful inspection mechanism.
WAF - Web Application Security
WAF - Web Application Firewall is a specialized version of the firewall protection system [NGFW product link], which protects web applications.
Security audits and testing
We have tools and skills to perform comprehensive security audits. We provide testing of network infrastructure, web applications, websites, social engineering, OSINT, as well as special services i.e.: 0day.
Secure Network Access - secure access to the digital world
In the digital world we are recognized by a digital identity, which is the equivalent of an ID card from the real world. Loss of digital identity can result in very serious consequences which we can’t be protected from even by the best organized security system. Therefore, nowadays the management and protection of digital identity are key elements of the entire security system.
Endpoint Security - the advanced line of defense
Simple antivirus software is no longer sufficient to protect endpoint devices. Only EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) class solutions offer an adequate level of security.
Security Operations - Security Management
In the complex digital security environment Security Operations class systems [link to security-operations.pdf], which automate security management processes, determine the quality and effectiveness of the entire security system. Their task is to relieve specialists from analyzing security status of the system by automating analysis of data collected from various security subsystems.
Wireless systems
Choose our offer of wireless systems which allow us to provide our clients with services in the following areas: Internet access, data transmission, voice communication or video monitoring. Based on various modern technological solutions we are able to complete even the most demanding turnkey projects for telecommunications companies, government institutions, local governments, and business customers.
Storage & Compute
Storage & Compute

Safe and efficient data processing

Disk arrays for secure storage are one of the most important elements of the IT environment. In every company, the IT infrastructure should guarantee secure and fast access to the processed data.
Servers are an essential component in any data center. We work with well-known hardware manufacturers to provide solutions tailored to customer needs.
Storage Area Network (SAN)
SAN (Storage Area Network) is a scope that raises some questions when creating IT data processing systems. We use SAN to connect servers that process our data with mass storage in the form of disk arrays. SAN is to provide redundancy of connections, resistance to failure of individual connections and the highest possible speed of data exchange with the lowest possible latency.
Practically all data processing systems implemented by Sprint are based on virtualization. This is a very good solution for effective and flexible use of IT infrastructure.
Backup systems
There is a well-known saying that you can divide companies into those that back up their data and those that will back up their data as they become painfully aware of the need to do so. However, it is important to remember that we implement backup systems not to make backup copies of data, but to restore specific data as quickly as possible when we need it.
Software Defined Storage (SDS)
SDS (Software-Defined Storage) is software that, in isolation from specific hardware, allows you to create a flexible storage system. This is a very popular direction for storage development.
HCI (Hyper Convergent Infrastructure)
A hyperconverged infrastructure is one where we don't waste our server room resources. We use servers to their full capacity, i.e. processors for virtualization, disk controllers and disks for storage, but that's not all.
ICT systems
ICT systems

We increase comfort

Newly-built building facilities and those under renovation process require modern solutions and advanced intelligent systems. Sprint supplies all of these. Sprint designs and implements security systems (fiber optic, wireless and conventional) including video surveillance, sound systems, alarm systems, fire alarm systems, smoke extraction system, access control systems and many more.
We install structural cabling systems integrated with interrupted power supply systems. Sprint introduces not only individual subsystems, but also full comprehensive smart building solutions meeting the highest standards.

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Technology has always been on our way. From the very beginning, we have kept up to date with all new developments in the IT market and have incorporated most of them into our offer. We want our customers, our partners and friends to be sure that they are dealing with professionals, and that we provide them with the best solutions.

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