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Our image

Sprint is introducing visual identification using bird images. These motifs will be used for advertising and presentation purposes, and also in internal communications. Four birds correspond to the four areas of the company’s activity: a seagull, a falcon, a woodpecker and an owl, with features and symbolic meaning matching the respective products. “The references to birds refresh the image and make the brand stand out by using aesthetically stunning motifs that surpass current standards. The birds allowed us to find something unique yet universal at the same time,” says Agnieszka Kamińska, Marketing Director responsible for the website’s transformation.

The Falcon (Common Kestrel)
falco tinnunculus

The most common European falcon, preying on animals living on the ground, like the buzzard. Reaches approx. 35 cm in length, with a wingspan of up to 82 cm. It symbolizes self-confidence, chivalry, heroism, sharpness of sight, vigilance and speed. 

We ensure security.

The Woodpecker (Greater Spotted Woodpecker)
dendrocopos major

The most common among spotted woodpeckers. Reaches approx. 24 cm in length, with a wingspan of up to 46 cm. It pecks holes in trees. This bird symbolizes happiness, safety, strength, efficiency, industriousness, reliability and usefulness.

We improve comfort.

The Seagull (European Herring Gull)
larus argentatus

The most numerous of all big gulls, it is an omnivorous bird inhabiting rocky or sandy seashores; reaches approx. 65 cm in length, with a wingspan of up to 155 cm. It symbolizes speed, agility, strength, ability to travel long distances, gregariousness and garrulousness.

We facilitate contact.

The Owl (Eurasian Eagle-Owl)
bubo bubo

Europe’s largest owl, approx. 70 cm long, with a wingspan of up to 180 cm, capable of hunting down a hawk. It symbolizes vigilance, wisdom, studies and clairvoyance.

We implement ideas.